Maureen Leong - Broker of Record


 It might be while watching their son Tristian score a touchdown at one of his football games. Or maybe it’s when they’re helping their daughter Ariel with her homework and seeing the positive results in her grades. Even spending a quiet evening enjoying a movie together as a family is a form of success for David and Maureen Leong. Everyone has a different definition of success, but for the Leongs, providing for their children and having the means to do the things they enjoy together as a family is truly what the “American Dream” is all about. 

 Shared Vision 

From the very beginning, David and Maureen have shared the same vision of success. They are forward thinking and uniquely driven in their approach to life and in their successful business partnership. Although these consummate professionals both came from modest means, it never stopped them from pushing themselves and believing they could do better in their lives, for their family and in their business.

 Hardworking Philosophy 


Growing up in a family of five, David was raised by his grandmother and inspired by her strong work ethic. He followed her example by attending college at New York’s Pace University,  where he gained a bachelor’s degree in business management. With drive and determination, David worked his way up in the corporate world, first as the manager of a successful restaurant and then later as the service manager for an automotive company.

 Entrepreneurial Endeavor 


Wanting more for their family is what sparked Maureen’s entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in Central America, Maureen is an individual who doesn’t believe in settling for second best. She is focused, determined and always on the lookout for new opportunities, which is how—with David’s help—she developed her own highly successful online business. The experience opened the doors to other avenues for the Leongs, who learned just how much of a positive impact they could have in their life and in the lives of others by combining their efforts. Today, when they’re not busy helping clients with their investment decisions, David and Maureen enjoy volunteering their support to Cumac, a non-profit organization dedicated to fight homeless and hunger, as well as other local charities. Maureen’s interests lean toward refinishing furniture and collecting Boyd Bears while David enjoys collecting old comic books and art pieces.

 Making Dreams Reality 


As the Leongs know, having a dream just isn’t enough. It’s only when you act upon that dream and take the right steps to make it happen that true success can be realized. This is the premise behind their respected role as one of the leading real estate partnerships in the State of NJ.  David and Maureen care about their clients’ dreams and goals and it shows. They work closely with buyers and sellers alike, explaining the real estate process and watching out for their best interests at all times, in order to help them achieve their piece of the “American Dream.”

 In the Business of Dreams 


From the start, David and Maureen take the time to sit down with you and learn exactly what your needs and goals are. Armed with this information, the Leongs put together an action plan that gets the kind of results you desire, whether you’re purchasing a larger brownstone for your family or selling your current condominium. With David’s excellent negotiating skills and careful attention to every aspect of your transaction, along with Maureen’s honest insights and creative marketing strategies that get your home sale maximum exposure, the Leongs are the right professional to help make your dreams a reality.  In fact, David and Maureen Leong are In the Business of Dreams in New Jersey real estate. Give them a call before your next move.